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October 2019 – Travel Store

HI Karine and Edwige,

The group of 8 is on their way to Lisbon and I had 2 emails this am regarding their time in France.

 I highly recommend our guide for two days. He is from Bayeax and was incredibly knowledgeable. One of the best guides all of us have ever had. He took us out of the way to visit the site where Christy’s father parachuted down. Great two day! On our way to Lisbon. 

 Hi Judy! Just checking in! We are on the plane heading to Lisbon! France was wonderful! Beautiful hotels, our guides and drivers we perfect and the dinner plans were delicious! Thank you so much! You are amazing! Thank you for everything! 


October 2019- Jet Set Travel

 Hi Karine, 

I know this was not a very big trip but I wanted to share with you the feedback from the clients 

as I just spoke with them!

 They had an amazing time!!! They cannot say enough good things about their guide they had in PARIS for both tour days. He was super knowledgable and everything went to plan. The hotel Nacisse was amazing and they loved getting the text messages about the upcoming day, driver, etc....

Thank you so much for looking after the clients once again! :) 



October 2019-  Frosch


Thought you would like to read  the feedback on my client’s  trip.  , a seasoned traveler and  journalist wrote the comments below. 

“Our guide to Champagne was wonderful and the first stop he picked “Henri Girard” was EXCELLENT - small boutique, great folks running it. We were probably the only ones to visit there all day, but we absolutely LOVED it.

The Moet tour was The Big Boy - more standard what you expect of a big house winery that churns out a lot of tours each day.  

They just opened a new luxury hotel in Champagne, we ate lunch there and it was beautiful, overlooking the region.  Really nice!

We really had a great trip - you did it again!  Thank you!!!



Thanks  for providing  a high quality experience!

Warm regards,



October 2019 -MYCONCIERGE AT LIBERTY MUTUAL                

 Hello Beatrice,

I’ve spoken with Mr. Bertolami and Mr. Rich, and I want to let you know that they said it was the trip of a lifetime! They enjoyed all of the activities and especially liked the bike tour and helicopter ride. One piece of feedback that they provided is that while they enjoyed it, they felt like the bike tour was a little more aggressive and longer distance covered than the tour described. The e-bikes helped and they said that it was all worth it and lunch at the hilltown was great.

Thank you for all of your assistance with creating this memorable experience for them.


October 2019 – Travel Expert


   I just wanted to thank you so very much for taking such good care of Mr. and Mrs. Yetter.  They had a great time and said every detail you arranged was perfect.  Everyone was on time or early and the guides were wonderful.

  This couple are friends of clients but this was the first time they booked with me so thanks again for making me look good.

   I will be in touch with future France trips.






October 2019 – Travel Edge

Hi Karen,

Thank you, again for your help in arranging a wonderful trip for our clients. I wanted to share their feedback that we just received -

Wineries and Chenonceau trip - totally worth the drive, even with a little rush hour on the way back. The first winery, Valerma, was extra cool because we got to see the winemaking process! The tour guide was a delight and the wine was delicious. The 2nd winery stop at Bredif was shorter but walking through the 10th century wine caves was really cool. The only things we bought to take home on this entire trip were wines from these wineries lol. Chenonceau is a must. Our guide, Fabrice, was awesome too - very informative, engaging, and nice.


We delighted that they are so happy and look forward to working with you again in the near future. Have a great weekend!





October 2019 – Brownell

 Hi Beatrice, 

 Just a quick note to say that clients had SUCH a great time on Saturday. I will speak with them personally when they return to the States and will share more of their experience, but wanted to let you know all went amazingly well yesterday. 

 This was the most anticipated day of their trip and it was a big hit thanks to you and your expert guides. I am so grateful



September 2019 – Jet Set Travel


I just wanted to pass along this feedback from my client’s

Thanks again to you and your team for making this a great experience so far! They're having a great time!! :) 


Mike and I are having an amazing time, thank you for all you have done to help us with this trip!

I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how happy we were with our guide today, Cyril. He was so knowledgeable, had very interesting stories and was just a very kind person. It was a great day and tour. He did a wonderful job and we wanted to pass along the information, in hopes it will get back to the company!

It will be so hard to leave the Grand Hotel, we are excited to see Provence though!





September 2019 – classic family journey


 I spoke to Mrs. X today and she said their guide was the best one they’ve ever had. She was very happy.

 Thanks for all your help!



September 2019- Admiral Travel

Good morning .. this is from OUR CLIENT below. Thank you so much !!!!!

 My best,



Hi Malaka

 Just a note to tell you that our D-Day guide, Karine, far exceeded our expectations.  Her English is perfect, her knowledge extraordinarily broad and deep.  Moreover she was a pleasure to be with.



September 2019 Mc Dade travel

Hello Beatrice,

You did it again.

Thank you.



Before I forget I want to let you know how outstanding all the arrangements you made for us in Paris and Normandy were.  For starters, Economy Plus on Air France was the best we've ever had from a comfort standpoint.  The drivers to and from the Paris airport were on time and pleasant.  The hotels in Paris and Bayeux were excellent and convenient - I would recommend them to anyone!  And to top it off, our tour guide, Matthew, could not have been better - energetic, flexible, knowledgeable, and just so pleasant.  The tour company assigned him since he speaks English so clearly and that was a huge asset.

Thank you for all that you did to make our trip smooth, interesting, and fun!!

Susan .    


September 2019- Travel Edge

 Great Job everyone!    Perfection!  

 Thank you thank you!  The group had a lovely time.   

 Spoke with him this morning and they really connected with all the guides and drivers.   

 Looking forward to the next round of bookings,  



September 2019 – Tully Luxury Travel

Hi Beatrice,

 Thank you so much for the complimentary service for our CEO.

She RAVED about the agent you provided – she said it was one of the best VIP assistances she has had within the terminal yet. Thank you.

Thank you so much



September 2019 – Preferred Travel of Naples

Bonjour Karen,

 I wanted to share part of MY CLIENT email that she sent me regarding their trip…



Wanted to let you know how well everything went on our trip.

We France could not have been better.  We had Laetitia(so) as our guide and she was excellent. Loved the oyster boat trip.  Wineries were good.

 Thanks so much for everything!


August 2019-  T100 G

 Dear Edwige,

Thank you for arranging this tour for my clients,   They really enjoyed the tour as stated below!   Wendy

 …And WE Travel was pivotal to our enjoyment! Our guide Evelyn introduced us to le Jardin du Luxembourg—tying in her childhood memories as we strolled—and to Musée d’Orsay’s architecture and collection of Impressionist masterpieces...and more. What a remarkable tour! ….



August 2019 – Valerie Wilson travel

Hello again,

 The clients reached out to tell us that they had a wonderful visit to Gordes and the guides and all services were wonderful.

 Thank you for everything!!

 Have a lovely day

 Kind regards,




August 2019- Whirlaway Travel

Hello Beatrice,

 I wanted to let you know that the  Family who just returned from Paris had a wonderful time and all of the arrangements you made worked out just great.  The guide for the museums was wonderful and their driver/guide for Normandy was also very pleasant and informative.  Thank you for helping make their vacation to France very special.  By the way the Jules dinning was over the top and they enjoyed the service, restaurant, food and of course the view.


Thank you.



August 2019- River Oaks Travel

 I just wanted to send another quick thank you for all of your hard work on these clients!

 I just spoke with them yesterday and they expressed how wonderful their touring has been thus far and how seamless your services are. Thank you for making my life easy even when it’s a last minute scramble!


We also heard back from other clientss who you helped with earlier this month – “I cannot even put into words how wonderful our trip was! Thank you for absolutely everything you did to make it so amazing!”. So thank you. 😊

 Best wishes from Texas,



July 2019- , Purposeful Wanderings

 Hello Beatrice,

 I truly appreciate your partnership. I have used another DMC in France for some other clients this summer but We Travel has come out on top. I wanted to let you know and thank you for your excellence as you have earned my loyalty!

 All the best,




July 2019- CelinaTravel


I just have the following response from Mr.X from my welcome home message:

 Your arrangements were great.  The car driver at Bordeaux loaded our bags but really just dropped us off at the train station.  The driver who picked us up at the train station in Paris was great however.  The same guy took us to the airport the next day.  He both times went to great effort to show is various things in Paris.  And when we got to the airport he parked the car and took us in making sure we found our way for the tax refund and the proper place to checkin and check our bags.  I highly recommend that man.  The car tour of Paris was also excellent with a guide named Christine.  She and the driver couldn’t have been better.  In fact the driver volunteered to take our shopping bags back to the hotel when they dropped us off for dinner!  We didn’t have to fool with the bags during dinner and when we arrived back at the hotel the bags were in our room.  The dinner was very good as well.  They also took good care of us.  As for the hotel I must say we were very impressed with our suite.  It was beautiful and huge.  And Scott and Cindy’s room was great also.  They had a very nice balcony.  They had a clear view of the Arch and the Eiffel tower.  They said lets go there again!  I will respond to the hotel.


 Great job!




July 2019- HKLuxury Travel

Bonjour!  I just wanted to write you a note and thank you so much again for taking great care of my clients.  Mrs X  and her two children had an amazing time in France and raved about your tour guides/drivers etc.  Everything went perfectly and they also loved the choices of accommodations.  

 Thank you again and I can't wait to send more clients your way.


July 2019- Travel Edge

 Thanks so much Antoine 😊 

See below

Here is a nice note from my client, this is nice !!!


 just want to thank you for the lovely hotel and guide in Bordeaux.  The visit exceeded my expectations in every way!  Our guide, Jeremy, was exceptional, very knowledgeable about wine, excellent English, and super personable.  

 Please let his boss, Elodie, know that he is so exceptional.  She should also change her English website where he is referred to as a “boy”.  I think this is a bad translation from the French and should be “man” in English.  Or maybe that was her intent because he is only 25 years old!😉 

 Thanks again for a lovely travel experience. 



July 2019- Travel Architects

Good Morning, Beatrice! 

 I just wanted to thank you again for all your work on this trip (especially with the last minute addition requested!).  I just spoke with the clients who reiterated that this was the best wine tour they have ever been on.  They were extremely impressed with the entire itinerary and felt we read their needs perfectly.  They also raved about their guide, Jeremy – so if you could pass on their satisfaction to Bordeaux with Elodie that would be appreciated. 

 I also wanted to send over a direct quote from the clients and echo the same to you.  These words are a reflection of your relationships in the industry and I am glad to be working with you with these type of results!

 “I can’t imagine attaining the same level of satisfaction or experiences without your help.”

 Thank you again for everything!






 Dear Edwige,

 Just wanted to let you know my clients are home and had a fabulous trip!

 They wanted me to tell you the driver/guides were wonderful and extremely knowledgeable with great personalities.

Very much appreciated their engagement with the young lad too!

 They said the whole trip was perfectly orchestrated!

 Many many thanks for making that happen and I really appreciated all your efforts along the way with an area that unfortunately I have not visited yet…but need to!

 Hopefully I will have the opportunity again to work with We Travel France.



July 2019 - TCS WORLD

Dear Beatrice and Edwige,

Our clients  just let me know they had a wonderful time, they said their guides Frederic,  Caroline,  and Lily were excellent.

 Thanks again!


 July 2019- Williams Luxury Travel

Bonjour Beatrice and Edwige,

 I just received the nicest email from my client and wanted to pass along the following.  Merci, for always taking care of my clients!

 I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know how wonderful all of our transportation services were on this trip!  All of the drivers were always prompt and notifications from We Travel regarding who would be picking us up along with their contact information was also very helpful.  The service they provide is well worth the money and alleviates a lot of the stress of traveling, particularly for my husband.  We particularly liked our driver, Franck, who took us to Burgundy on Sunday and then picked us up to take us to the airport yesterday.  He was so friendly and came with helpful information for us on the Burgundy region and most of all he played the best music for us!!


 July 2019- The Accomplish Traveler


 WHAT A FABULOUS JOB YOU DID!  THE CLIENTS WERE SO HAPPY AND I APPRECIATE ALL YOUR HELP!  YOU WERE WONDERFUL….Please let me know if I need to submit anything for commission payment. 

 Thanks so much, 




June 2019- All Travel Guru

 Dear all,

 I wish to give a huge round of applause and to thank you for all of you that have made sure that my clients Mr & Mrs  X were so well looked after whether it was in Provence, Bordeaux, San Sebastian, Bilbao or Madrid, and whether you acted as a hotel, a driver, or a guide.

 They have been so touched by all the passion enthusiasm you have shared with them, and most importantly you have shown professional commitment and dedication.

 This is just one comment the client shared with me:

Each guide a respective expert in their particular region and passionate about sharing their culture.  We spent several days with each guide and by the end of our time we parted as friends.  Each guide made our experience personal.  They truly got to know us and allowed us to get to know them.

 He said to me that he felt he has been treated as a traveler and not a turist by all of you, this made them feel special guests in your country.

 So I want to thank you for this, you will hear from me and my colleagues again!



June 2019- Brownell

Elizabeth Druga emailed this message that I wanted to share:

 Bonjour from Paris!  The hotels location is fabulous!  I cannot rave enough about the time at Chef Frédérique’s!  The meal and his rapport is fantastic!

Merci merci!


June 2019 – Tully Luxury Travel

Hi Edwige,

 I hope this email finds you well. 

I just heard from the our client, who had a wonderful time in France. They mentioned that Pablo was excellent, helpful and eager to make their trip a great experience.



May 2019- Family Friendly Italy


I have heard from Christine . They have loved every minute with Pierre, their guide for the week. She said, "Pierre helped us understand the history of the area, and communicated his love of nature."  They had a good time with him.

 They liked having a day to themselves to relax in Aix.  They loved their time in France!!   

 Thank you so much!! Tell Beatrice thank you as well.



May 2019- Viking Travel

Good evening (at least for you!),

 I just wanted to let you know I received a text from mly client  to let me know they made it to Normandy, were having a great time and that Adrian, your guide, is fantastic.

They sent a picture of all them, smiles on their faces.

 Appreciate your help with the last minute changes. We value your partnership.

 Best wishes,



May 2019- Avoya network

Hi Eddy,

 Mr and Mrs. X have returned and they said that Lucile was the best tour guide they have ever had!!!  She was fun and had energy and made the tour a  lot of fun.  Many thanks to you and Lucile for a job well done!

 Warm regards,


May 2019 - Brownell

 See below for nice compliment to share with Greg.


Thank you, Bowden, for your nice message and for great plans and details. 

Our experience was indeed delightful and memorable! We are just home, as spent night in P’cola, after late night flight there.

There is much to tell, especially wish to send compliments to our Provence guide, Greg. He was exceptional!


May 2019- Admiral Travel

Dear friends

They are having a truly wonderful time!  They are posting on fb and Instagram. Their 35th anniversary celebration is stellar. I really can’t thank you enough for all you both do I am ever grateful!



April 2019- Departure Lounge

Hi Beatrice,

Just wanted to send a big Thank you!


Broihier’s - 

Loved their guide (same one for city tour and Louvre). They felt like they hit all of the top spots on the tour and were able to check them off the list. The guide also provided them with a ton of information and insight into some places they did not know about or had not considered exploring.  They were so HAPPY we booked him for the Louvre. They said his knowledge was incredible.

They also felt like they had the best seat on the dinner cruise. Thank you!


Hunneke’s - 

“Had the trip of a lifetime”! They also loved their guides/drivers and felt like they had the best seat on the cruise. The cruise was a highlight for the kids. They felt like the guides knowledge of the Louvre was incredible.


Thanks to you and your team! 


March 2019- Frosch

FYI, below 😊

 Jordan just got back from food tour with rave reviews! They loved it. She said the guide was awesome and they learned so much. He even made sure to have a gluten free baguette. They also walked a outdoor market.  They picked out a Brie and bread and took it to the wine shop for tasting and she even tried forie gra.*


Unique travel – March 2019

My clients just arrived back in Florida

Thank you so much for everything.  They had the most unbelievable experience EVER!

You and your staff were amazing.  Guides were awesome………………

I appreciate all that you did

My best always,




January 2019-  Valerie wilson travel

Dear Karine,

 Have just spoken to the Scotts, they had an absolutely marvelous time,

Everything turned out perfectly, they even got to see a group of gilet jaune who wouldn’t let their taxi through a road but after a discussion between driver and G J they were let through the group.

 A million thanks as always.


January 2019- Admiral TRavel 

Dear Karine –

Well would you look at this GREAT feedback

 Happy New Year! I think this was my favorite trip!! 

Romo, (Paris guide)was amazing. He was quick witted, kept the kids interested and added so much more than a quick tour of Paris. I would recommend him highly.




January 2019- T100 Group


Happy New Year.  Just wanted to let you know that the Watts/Hipps families had a great time in France.  They thought that the guide you had for Mont St Michel and for Normandy was fantastic.  They said “she was excellent and very upbeat”!  Thank you so much for taking such good care of my clients.

Merci beaucoup,


January 2019 - BROWNELL

Bonjour Edwige (I believe you are on well deserved vacation) but wanted to let you know how much the Reid family enjoyed guides Romey and Francois.

Mr. Reid, who is copied on this email, wanted you and them to know!

Thanks - merci,


January 2019 - ALL TRAVEL GURU

Hello Beatrice & Edwige,

I just wanted to let you know the feedback we received from Richard Alexander you recently provided services for. Here is excerpts from his email to us that involves the services you provided:

Full day tour in France was terrific.  Our driver was efficient and safe.  Our guide, Evelyne, was great.  Well educated and well prepared. 

Louvre crash course was wonderful.  Our guide, Sandra, was young and energetic. 

Walking tour of Montartre was great.  It was a little painful given it was 9am after New Year's Eve festivities and the weather was the coldest we had experienced but our tour guide, Paul, was very knowledgeable and made it fun.  The sites were terrific. 

Thank you again for all you do! I look forward to continuing to work with you 😉

Warmest Regards,




Hello Beatrice,

 I hope you had a nice weekend. My clients, Jigi and Alana Smolinsky, has a lovely day on Saturday in Burgundy. They really liked their guide and everything went well.