Partner of your travel agency

You are the top Saler !

It’s up to you to choose how you want us to work.

A primary itinerary or a full program.
A package rate or detail costing.
Gross or net.
No hidden fees.
Payment : wire , visa, mastercard and American express with no extra charge. 

Clients Loyalty is one of the key aspect of your work

There is no small request : we even provide train tickets or an airport transfer only.

 We will send you every month a newsletter. If you wish we can send it to you without our contact information’s and with your logo. You may use it as sale materials for your clients.

 We only work with Travel agent, we do not promote ourselves directly in the US.

 Your client is asking for an area of France you do not know! We have at your disposal:  

Presentation of most of the French regions with the best hotels, what they can do, how to access, the best period of the year.
Sample itinerary
And all our team is at your disposal  for a conference call with you and if you want your client 

We do respect your work.

We know how much it can be complicated for you to get new client , and how much it’s important for you to keep them updated of the creation progress of they work !

We acknowledge receipt of all your email within 12hrs and if we cannot send you a proposal within 24h , we give you a delay  and we will explain why we need more time in order to permit you to be able to explain to your client 

Let’s talk about money

Working fees -We Travel do not apply fees on the creation of a tailor made escorted tour. However we do apply fees on Self-drive tour 

There is no fee for restaurant reservation …

You are almost all members of the most amazing networks in the world giving you access to the best deal and Amenities for your client. We do fully understand that you prefer to book directly the hotel but you may need advice. We keep close good relationship with the best 4* , 5* hotels and Palace in France  and inspect them every year – We are at your disposal to give you the last info on the French Hotel