FEEDBACK 2021 -2022


June 2022


Hi Karine,


I just wanted to reach out and thank you for ALL of your help for my personal trip to Paris.  We had an amazing time and all agreed we wanted to go back and stay much longer - we fell in love with Paris.


I wanted to specifically mention that we LOVED our guide, Emma, for our Louvre/Chocolate tasting tour and Evelyne Malafosse who was our guide for Versaille.  Both were excellent.  I know I have clients traveling in Sept. and if at all possible, I would love these guides to be a part of their trip (last name Auerbach) as well as any future clients (especially Emma - we really enjoyed our time with her as she was super personable and a great fit for our family).


All of the transportation and services that your company provided were wonderful (we loved the Eiffel Tower time - it was a rainy day, once our time for the Eiffel Tower, the skies cleared up and there was a beautiful blue sky which was great).  And the Highlight was the Seine River cruise which was a perfect way to end our time in Paris - and timed perfectly with the twinkle lights on the Eiffel Tower.



September 2021

Edwige, Kate was an EXCEPTIONALLY EXCELLENT guide!!  Her services, knowledge and passion for her work are unequalled in my opinion.  She gave us a tour we will never forget and carry in our hearts forever!  We thank you profusely for assigning her to us.  

-Jim & Victoria. 




October 2019

The wine just arrived!  Again, thank you for your prompt assistance.  We will always think of We Travel France as a thoroughly professional company that provided us an exceptionally memorable trip.

Larry and Susi





I wanted to let you know how happy we were with the guides that you booked for us.  Sebastian and Cedric in Provence and Patricia in Paris were fantastic, and we had wonderful adventures.  Everything was absolutely perfect, and we and our friends enjoyed every minute of it.  Thank you so much for all your work providing us with such great experiences.


Thank you!



September 2019

Just back from Kim’s favorite museum—Musee D’Orsay

Please tell your tour people Frederick and Remy are the best and hope they are paying them well!  We did tip well.


August 2019

The side car ride was so much fun!!! We absolutely LOVED it - despite the rainy weather we had a great time and the guides were lot of fun. We look forward to the rest of the week. Thank you! Terri




Eddy - thank you for assigning Cedric to us — he was absolutely the best guide.  He was so full of stories and valuable information as well as navigating your beautiful countryside.  We had a fabulous day !!   

I would like to post a rec/ review on trip advisor — I looked up the name of our company but didn’t see it there.   Would this review help ? 

And please share our best w Cedric —- he made our day such a delight ! 



May 2019


Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our day in Normandy.  Our guide was truly exceptional, he did a great job keeping the two teenagers engaged.   Lisa




September 2018


We would like to thank you so very much for giving us Frederic  as our tour guide in Paris today. He was beyond wonderful and he helped make our day in Paris memorable. He went beyond what we expected and was very knowledge! 

Best regards,Judi 



 Beatrice:  I can’t remember if I have ever thanked you for all your help, but if I didn’t, Please accept my sincere apologies!!!

  Your help was invaluable !!!   The trip was great and the restaurants were good…with 3 of them outstanding !!!

  Thank you for your help.  You were great !!!




Dear Edwige;

 What an amazing in depth taste of Paris you created for Judy and I !

The variety made it very interesting and fun. I've been to Paris before, but never experienced so much that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Your knowledge and your creativity, made it quite memorable.

 Our guides and drivers were excellent, they were knowledgeable and passionate about their country, very pleasant, (and quite handsome).

 I especially enjoyed the day in Champagne, with the wonderful lunch and tastings. I will not forget the story of Mme. Clicquot,  it was fascinating to hear.

The quaint villages we drove through were truly beautiful, Frederick was such a wonderful guide, and a very kind person.


JULY 2017 

Hi Karine,

 I hope you're doing well! I just wanted to let you know that my family and I truly enjoyed our tour with your guide to Cassis & Marseille! Everything was magnificent, and she was very knowledgeable and personable. From the perspective of both a travel agent and a consumer, this was truly a 5-Star experience. 


 APRIL 2017

 Hi Beatrice - 

 Just wanted to let you know that I received the scarf when I arrived at the Columbus Hotel yesterday.  Thank you so much for facilitating that.  Also, we are enjoying our stay here at the Columbus.  Nice rooms and staff and we were given a room with a ocean view and patio.  All of the hotels you chose for us have been perfect.  

 Also, I would love to get the name of the company that provided our drivers on this trip as they have also been amazing.  Yesterday, Chris, our driver from St. Paul to Monaco - took us to some amazing places - overlooks - that afforded us views we would have never seen otherwise.  Sebastian - in St Remy - was also very, very good.  Then, there was a sweet driver whose name I have forgotten who drove us from Cannes to St Paul who I would like to give a glowing report on as well.  Anyway, if you could let me know how to do that, I would appreciate it.

  We hope to return sometime in the future!



MARCH 2017

 On Wednesday, Sef again took us to the train station for our trip to Paris, where we were met by Emerick.  Paris was busy and crowded and it was wonderful to have an experienced, english speaking driver.  We had a wonderful day, exploring various areas in Paris, as well as a visit to the Eiffel Tower. 

For our first family trip to a foreign country, we couldn’t have asked for better planning.  We packed so much into our days and that was directly related to the well planned tours, train tickets and hotel bookings.  We loved our time abroad and will look forward to using your services again in the future.




Hi , the trip was a great fun.  So much energy with young adults.  We were all over Paris and loved it.  Nothing at the airport or with the car service could have gone better.  Both were very attentive and friendly.  All worked out well with the Versailles tour.  The driver was friendly and informative.  The tickets to the top of the Eiffel Tower were a life saver.  We would not have waited in the no advance ticket line; it went on forever.  And we loved the champagne house tours.  We squeezed in several other things and found some wonderful restaurants.  All in all a fantastic trip that the kids will never forget.

Thanks for all your help and happy holidays to you and your family



Hello dear Karine – I just wanted to thank you, although belatedly, for helping to arrange such a marvelous time for me in France! Your planning, execution and follow-up were what made my time so enjoyable and wonderful. From the driver who picked me up at the cruise terminal to Pierre and Sebastian who toured me all over the Riviera and Provence, you couldn’t have selected better people to help me along the way.


I became fast friends with our guide because we spent so much time together and he was just as charming, helpful, informative and kind as I could have hoped for. He lived only two blocks from the hotel where I was staying and he was always prompt when he picked me up in the mornings. He efficiently planned our days and was open to slight deviations as they became necessary (like when I was sick for a few days and when he noticed that I had difficulty with steps and steep walking areas). He also assisted in setting up my private cooking demonstration when Chef Armand when the other chef became unavailable. As it turned out, I was glad to have had my cooking experience with Chef Armand because he has a huge and lovely organic garden which I got to tour and he was also very kind to me. I got to witness firsthand how an efficient kitchen is run because I was there during the lunch time at his restaurant. What a treat to see how expertly his kitchen staff of over 25 people worked their stations. I would recommend you use Chef Armand again in the future, if he is willing. He is a delightful man and very patient!

 My guide has many social and business connections in the area around Arles and introduced me to the local tuk-tuk driver who was able to get me to a doctor’s office after I had been sick for a few days. The nice young man also toured me by tuk-tuk all around the city of Arles which was very helpful since walking long distances is difficult for me.

  All in all, I had a terrific time and gave the name of your tour company to many people who had inquired about how I came to find local guides. Many visitors are interested in such services and I hope my recommendations will bear some fruit for you and your business. Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation for all that you did to make my time in France so memorable and enjoyable.

  Happy holidays to you and your family!


 Dorothy M


JULY 2016

"We had a super time! We could have easily spent another week in each of our stays. The hotels were fine. The Lanesborough was top notch. ... The staff was superb and Debbie appreciated it. Our guides, Deborah and Jeff,  were wonderful. 

 The chateau in Audrieu was quite a change being out in the countryside. Our guide, Karine, was exceptional. Normandy could have easily been a week long stay and would have allowed for a visit to more museums. We saw only one, but Karine more than made up for it with her incredible depth of knowledge. Thank you for the advice.

Paris was fine. The hotel was situated nicely between the Eiffel Tower and the Champ Elysees. The staff was very nice. It was nice that staff remembered Debbie from before and they took care of us. Even though the rooms were not attached, being across the hallway within 6 feet and having only about 5 rooms on the floor, it was not a problem for us. Our guide, Romy, was excellent as was our driver, Eduardo, who was the one from the Bullens visit. The baking experience was excellent and we all enjoyed it, though Debbie missed out on this as she was not feeling well. Our last day to the flea market was very enjoyable and it made a difference with all the shops being open.

The entire trip was memorable. Thank you for putting it together and taking care of us. If you need additional feedback, please let me know"


JUNE 2016


You, Edwige and I put together a world class trip to Bordeaux! It was just the right mix of private tours & tastings at the Premiere (1st Growths) and Super Seconds in both Medoc (Left Bank) and Saint Emillion (Right Bank), as well as sightseeing in City of Bordeaux, Dordogne Valley (especially the Lascaux Caves) and Saint Emillion. We all loved the Villa des Amis. Also, all the people we dealt with were first-rate, especially Johan and Pierre (and Edwige was always available to assist us). Everyone in the group said that the trip exceeded their high expectations.

All together it's been one of our best trips. Thanks again for everything!


JUNE 2016

Bonjour Edwige,

Just wanted to let you know that we have returned from our 17 days in France and appreciated all you did to help make our trip a wonderful experience.

We should probably have taken your advice on a "guided tour" in Paris, as the lack of a concierge left us with a lot of logistics to figure out on our own.

I also want to say that the Ibis experience to accommodate our return of the rental car and departure from CDG the next day was a great suggestion and worked out well.  We weren't quite prepared for the congestion at CDG as we departed last Sunday!

Anyway, thanks again, and we will certainly recommend your services to any friends who may be coming your way.

Au Revoir


JUNE 2016 

We are back in Denver after a terrific visit to Paris and Normandy.  Thank you for making arrangements for Normandy.  We really enjoyed our driver/guide, Belinda.  We discussed the itinerary on the first day, and Belinda offered to be flexible as we got into the trip.  She added:  "I don't know the word 'impossible'"!  Belinda was a delight to be with.  She knew all the roads, towns and places to top for lunch. Also, she did a great job finding diesel, despite the strikes which shut down many of the petrol stations.

All in all, we really enjoyed our five days in Normandy.  We pretty much stuck to our initial itinerary, and it worked out very well.


MARCH 2016

feedback from client…thanks, as always…

 "Megan, we wanted to let you Know we have made it to Paris and we loved Matthieu, our guide in Normandy. He was perfect for our family - so much so, Virginia asked if we could stay in Normandy and tour with him on Thurs, rather than come to Paris. He did a wonderful job taking us all around and even boarding our train to make sure we were settled this afternoon. 

Thank you for all your help! 


JUNE 2015 

Thank you sooooooooo much!
We just got back from our Normandy guided tour. it was incredible. One of the most profound days of my life. The guide was amazing, perfect really. He knew so much about my Dad's battalion and what being a beach master was all about. We went down to where my father went onshore, hiked to a stone reminant of a fisherman's hut that my dad had mentioned to his sister, went to see the exact German bunkers that they shot from (at my Dad and the thousands of other soldiers), and of course saw the American Cemetary. We walked the beach and gathered stones and sand to bring home. What a day. My children were completely moved, really emotional.
Thank you for all your help in making this possible.


MAY 2015 

Just wanted you to know that we have had a wonderful trip and that Edwige has been so helpful and responsive. Our Provence tours were a fabulous overview of the region. My Lourve tour was amazing and very informative. And the trains were a great way to travel. All that is left are the flights home. Mary 


MAY 2015

Edwige,Valerie was FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for such an amazing tour! Valerie was perfectly delightful and we feel truly honored to have the opportunity to tour Versailles with her. She is absolutely FIRST CLASS! Thank you for an amazing tour and a wonderful experience! Most Sincerely,Virginia 


APRIL 2015

Thank you so much for all of your coordination during our stay in Paris.   Specifically, your agent, Xavier, was very welcoming and efficient upon our arrival.   He is very friendly and was effective at moving us through the process without us feeling overwhelmed or too pushed. 

Sophie  was one of the top 2 guides we’ve ever met.  She was friendly, flexible, adaptive and EXTREMELY well versed.  I cannot imagine that she would not be a “first choice” guide as her personality is so engaging.  It is rare to meet someone who substantive knowledge is equal to their style.  Sophie is that person.  We fell in love with Paris in no small part because of how she introduced her city to us.  I highly recommend her. The car service was extremely professional and the two drivers were excellent. 

Thank you for making our trip extra special.


APRIL 2015 

B & Edwige,Our guide, Tebow, was the best. We overslept & he was very gracious - the jet lag finally nailed us.Spent all day & enjoyed immense


 MARS 2015

Edwige, Thank you so much for all you set up for our family.We all had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed Guy. Thank you again for all you did to make our time in France wonderful! Diane



Edwige - Merci beaucoup for all of your help. Mohammed and Michael did an amazing job of getting is thru immigration and a great drive in an amazing car. Michael lead us to our seats on the TGV in fine style. Driver in St Pierre was a delight. We are looking forward to the rest of our vacation!



Bonjour Karine,
I just wanted to repeat what I said in my text to Edwige on Saturday. 
The tour we had with Sebastian, was absolutely fantastic, I do not think we could have had a more wonderful guide, he made us all part of the story with such panache!!
My son Oscar couldn't stop talking about it - which is quite a recommendation in itself!!
We all agreed that this was the highlight of our trip to Paris, so thank you once again for arranging it, keep hold of him!! 
Again many Thanks


 JULY 2014

Our guide in France was top!  100% ideal!  Positive, pleasant, well educated with a natural way of educating us.  I highly recommend her.  She really made Paris enjoyable.


JUNE 2014 

The guide "Romy" at the Louvre was very knowledgeable and made a great effort with Layton. It really was the perfect way to see the highlights of the museum on a tight schedule. I would highly recommend his services. 

We also thoroughly enjoyed the "How to be a Parisian" show. Extremely funny, large international crowd (and lots of Parisians)

cooking class today was fantastic! Fun group, chef Marthe was lovely, lunch we prepared was divine! 


MAY 2014

Dear Karine

I can't begin to thank you enough for arranging such an excellent guide for me and my family while we were in Paris (May 30).  My granddaughters, Peyton and Emma,  and daughter-in-law,  Lori were totally charmed with Paris and impressed with F.'s knowledge of the areas we saw (Montmartre and Le Marais) .   He made it all come alive and gave us  a more intimate appreciation of Paris and the history of the people who lived there.   HIs English is impeccable and was so easy for us to understand.  A good guide makes all the difference in the world....   And F.was THE BEST!!   Please convey our thanks to him for giving us such a wonderful day in la belle Paris...a memory we will always treasure



Hi Edwige,

First off, thank you so much for arranging everything for Normandy.  It was absolutely FANTASTIC. David, our guide was OUTSTANDING and we loved every minute.  He was patient, answered all our questions, adjusted to what we wanted to see, everything.  The weather was beautiful and we saw 4 rainbows!!!

Everything was perfect. 

E.P - VWT 



HI Karine -   I wanted to thank you for all your help in France.  We had a wonderful trip.In particular, Kristine and Gwendal were fantastic – I would recommend them highly and would use them again myself.  Gwendal was a wealth of information and really gave us SO much history and data for our Normandy adventure – just a brilliant young man with so much passion for history.

Kristine was amazing – she made my dreams in Champagne come true.  My goal was to ‘be French for a day’ and she made it happen – she made contacts roadside with a picking team and I got to pick grapes, and then we met a family who let us see a first press of Chardonnay.   Truly amazing experience for me – she was priceless!    WE could not have done with on our own.

In Paris,  the Cooking class with Frederic was AMAZING!  He was fantastic – going to the market and picking out the meal was very enjoyable.  He taught me many tips and techniques.  He let me cook too and try his techniques.   He was really open with ideas and went way beyond in helping me.   I was very impressed with him and it was a delightful morning!  I would highly recommend him.

I hope this input is helpful, you have been so wonderful in helping us with our trip of a lifetime!    I 



Paris was great. the guides were spectacular. The bakery and food tour the last day around Marmont was really interesting and fun we ate a lot. What a beautiful area. All the guides were very knowledgeable and I am glad we had them to get into the museums it was very busy especially the Louve. We did go to the Muse Dorsey with our first guide Pascale because we had extra time at the end of that day which was great I am glad we did. The cooking class worked out really well we had a group of 6, perfect. Next time I might want to do a dessert class. Soph was the youngest kid in the class so he incorporated her a little more and she got to participate in all aspects of the meal as the others were chatting, it worked out perfectly. 


APRIL 2013 

Hello Karine.  Greg and I wanted to tell you how great Marc was as our tour guide over the past few days.  He was extremely professional, was very knowledgeable and friendly.  The other tour guides that you provided (Aubric-Gorge du Verdon and Stephan-Callanque kayak) were also extremely professional and nice.  It was a great time in Provence and we would recommend the trip and your agency to others.  Thank you for all of your amazing help to plan this trip.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.    I will definitely be commenting positively on Trip Advisor when I return home.



Wow what an amazing trip.  Loved Corrine, Franck and the guide we had in the Loire, Pasquele, he was fantastic and if we had known how good he was we would have had another day with him.  These three guides were absolutely exceptional.  

We both loved Franck, not just because he is gorgeous but his knowledge was fantastic.  Pasquele was also amazing, we loved his sense of humor and his knowledge not only of the history but also of wine (Michael had a wonderful time discussing this with him)  that the time just flew by and we were sorry the day was over.We became experts with the trains but have decided we must learn to travel with lighter suitcases.  

Thanks for arranging a wonderful tour we just loved it.