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Dear Edwige,

 The X’s wanted me to let you know that they loved Sophie – thank you for the great intro!

Warm Regards,



FROSCH - December 14th 2016

I just wanted you to know what a wonderful experience my clients had in Strasbourg and the Alsace region.

I spoke at length with D and she felt that her guides Veronique and Benoit were outstanding.  By the end of their short stay, D and her daughter felt like old friends.  What made it so enjoyable for D were the people they met; everyone wanted to make their experience special and they did!  From the town butcher who made his own pate to the baker to the over-the-top experience at the Michelin-starred restaurants, my clients returned home with wonderful memories.

 A big thank you for once again making us look like stars!  They loved France and always felt protected and safe.  The driver met them at the train.  Since the main area in town was cordoned off, the driver took their luggage and walked them to the hotel.  There were all sorts of military personnel but by the end of their stay they were friendly with the guards who even took pictures of them.


TRAVEL EXPERTS - December 12th 2016

Hi Karine!

I hope you are doing well!

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all of your help with Mr. B.  He loved the Plaza Athenee (they upgraded him 3 categories, we are a preferred partner with Dorchester!!!) and they also loved the backstage tour of Versailles.  He was hesitant because it was so expensive but was very happy he did it.  Thanks for making me look so good!

I wish you and your staff a lovely holiday season!


BROWNELL - December 12th 2016


Loved getting to meet Franck and loved spending last Sunday with Pierre!

He was fabulous!!

Thank you so much for arranging our experience and I will look forward to meeting you in person soon!


BROWNELL - December 9th 2016

Had a wonderful day with Franck!!!! Wish we could take him to Paris with us. 

Loire valley with Marina was fantastic. She is truly a gem and we enjoyed our day more than I can say. She was so careful to make sure we boarded our train safely, and we did. 

Many thanks,


SMART FLYER  - November 03rd 2016

Just wanted to provide some feedback to you all from the S. touring today.

 FYI Our guide David today was kick ass! Not only did he adapt to mom’s challenges, he took charge- he pushed her around all day in a wheelchair he reserved at each stop, he learned the sound of the beeping on her medical devices and notified us if it started and we didn’t hear it because we were distracted and he adjusted the tour to include a stop at a fisherman’s market, a stop for my much needed coke zero which means 4 different pastry shops were required to find it. And he cut it short at the cemetery when I gave him the “look” because I knew she was going to crash and be tired.  I can’t say enough good things about him.


 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a great, trusted partner. Truly appreciate everything you all do for me & my clients.


Valerie Wilson travel - October 26th 2016

The above have returned and had a marvelous time. Thrilled with their Guides in the Verdun they must have had a great time together

 Thank you very much for all your hard work with this reservation.


TRavel Expert - October 24th 2016

1000 thanks for your wonderful care.

All worked out great. Excellent tour guide at the Louis Vuitton Museum. Also, wonderful collection and great architecture.

 The Picasso and D’Orsay – great.

  Travel Expert - October 11th 2016

See feedback from the Mr X ’s below 

 Thanks for all your help!

Trip was great, probably should have scheduled some more free time per your recommendation. Following is more than you probably want to know 


The coordinator you worked with in France was a lot more thorough, in my opinion, and couldn’t have run any smoother, transfers, connections, all of the details were addressed, everyone was on time etc. 


Valerie Wilson travel - September 27th 2016

 Hello Beatrice and Edwige,

 Just wanted to tell you that the X’s LOVED their trip to Normandy.  He said the guide was fantastic.  Thank you for all that you do.  Such great work.


On the Map of Travel - September 12th 2016

Dear Edwige,

I’m always so happy to get good feedback from clients  - I thought you’d like to see.  And thank you for putting the tour together in such a short time frame – I really appreciate it!

"Anne:  The Paris city tour was fantastic.  I’ll forward you the tour guide’s name.  The whole trip was amazing.  Perfect weather.  Ideal location.  Great dinners and activities.  Off to London in 3 weeks. Robert ”


Admiral Travel - August 29th 2016

Dear Edwige

I just received the following from the X Party

Thank you so much for always making us shine

 The private cars and drivers made the shore excursions a pleasure.  In Monaco, we had Jennene, a lady obviously, who did a fantastic job of showing us around; we have been in that area many times but she showed us new things in complete comfort.  In Toulon, we had Sebastian as our driver, who was also excellent.  I would highly recommend the company for any private car/driver needs.  



Cardoza Bungey Travel - August 23rd 2016

Hello Edwige, I want to thank you again for all your wonderful work on Mr X trip.   They had a lovely time and told me it was so well organized!

Thanks again! I am looking forward to working with you again very soon. 

Best Regards,



TPI - August 23rd 2016

Once again – thanks!!     And the X wanted me to pass along that Frederick their guide was ‘beyond amazing!’   they had a great day with him!!



Admiral Travel - August 10th 2016 

My Dear Edwige,

And this is the reason I love your services-

Thank you


Dear Michelle - 

Love Monaco & Cote d'Azur! Adult fantasy life. Nice is fave w us so far after Monaco. Saw make-shift memorial to the victims of truck attack on beach. Horrible to see beauty of town marred by a crazy 😠 

 X has left on his Lambo ride a little while ago. He's in heaven!!!  

Thanx again for yur wrk! 


Frosch - August 10th 2016

Edwige, X home and they had such praise for you with all your help getting them to Avignon on the train with all the transfers. It was perfect they loved the guides and the tours. Many thanks to you and your company. It was perfect. I couldn't have done it with out you. 

Thanks so much,



Huffman Travel - August 1st 2016

Hi Edwige!

I just wanted to share some feedback from the client about their touring in Paris!   I know how much we appreciate it – so wanted to pass it on to you as well:

"Paris tours .... The Louvre scavenger hunt was awesome in that we missed lines, saw highlights and got to the front of the things we were seeing with the guide. The kids loved the "hunt" and the added little gift at the end was a nice touch. 

 Driving tour ..... fabulous!  The guide was soooo knowledgable and was able to communicate to the kids super well. He had interesting tidbits that kids found interesting. We totally accomplished exactly what we wanted to - quickly and efficiently!  It was great - thanks so much!" 

 Thanks so much!



Frosch - July 20th 2016

Hello Beatrice and Edwige

Greetings. I was so sorry to hear the tragedy of Nice. I hope your families, friends, and colleagues are all safe? We must stop this senseless killing around the world.

I wanted you to know how much the Webb ladies enjoyed Patrick –their driver/guide for 3 days in Provence. He was an excellent fit for them. I know my request was last minute but it worked out wonderfully for them. He made their tour fun, interesting and certainly, stress-free.

Thank you again for your assistance. Merci Beaucoup!

Best regards,



 T100 - July 7th 2016

Hello Edwige,

Mrs. X called to tell me all about their trip and how fabulous the guide was. His name was Fredrick and the entire family loved him. Thank you for getting someone so special for them.

Best regards and many thanks,



Travel Services Company - July 6th 2016

Hi Severine and Edwige,

I wanted to let you know that the Flexner’s truly enjoyed your services and the driver/guide in Sarlat was very knowledgable.

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again.



 Wayfarer Travel - June 17th 2016

Good Morning,

I apologize for not sending this sooner but want to thank you for the wonderful job you did planning my client’s vacation in Normandy.  They loved everything about it, especially the guides, hotel and restaurants you suggested.  Best of all, they told me they had a train problem the last day, called your company and were rescheduled immediately.  We can’t ask for more than that.  I am so glad you did them and were so helpful with all of the changes!

Many thanks,



Mc Dade Travel - June 6th 2016

To the entire team at We Travel France,

You have done a great job and made me proud!
Keep it up. I love working with all of you.
So sorry what France is going through this year. Don't give up.

All the best,



Over the hill travel 

Hi Karine and Edwige,

I had a brief check in text with Mrs X this morning. And both of us want to tell you how grateful we are for helping the family put the trip together. Yes, there were a couple glitches (that you had no control over!) but you had alternatives that they thoroughly enjoyed. I imagine that you were very busy last week with the floodings and you took the time to take care of each client. I find that very commendable. I have already posted a recommendation to our agency to use your company for their France tours.

This was a special trip for a special family and with the parent's age and health concerns, I was a little nervous! But it all worked out and they had a wonderful "trip of a lifetime".

Again Merci!!



Provident Travel

Hi Edwige…..received mail from Mrs X  today.

They had a wonderful time in Paris and especially enjoyed Normandy. She tells me your Guide was exceptional and they did not expect so much. She also appreciated the last minute arrangements  Karin set up for them in Paris.

 She says, all was perfect in Paris!  This is good coming from people who were very, very anxious about everything!

Thank you, Edwige!  You never cease to amaze me.  Only wish, we can get more people to Paris. 


 Preferred Travel of Naples

 Bonjour Edwige,

I wanted to share a bit of Mr X recent email to us with you regarding their trip:

I want to give you my sincerest thanks for planning and handling the extra stress of the passport chaos for everything on our Paris trip.

It was beyond compare.  Everything was excellent in every way. For 12 people(family members aged 14 to 84)  to be traveling can be hard and with my lack of time to pay proper attention to the itinerary and travel plans could have turned into a disaster in many ways.But your planning and attention to detail made it wonderful.  I did not have to worry about a thing before during and afterThe restaurants wonderful.

The itinerary wonderful

 The guides AMAZING!

 I don’t know how to thank you.


Travel Destinations Inc.

I just heard from the group and they had a wonderful time.  It was the highlight of their whole cruise. They praised the guide, this is what they had to say:"The Normandy excursion was amazing!!  Our tour guide was personable, very knowledgable and a joy to spend the day with. "Thank you for all your work and assistance with this.  I hope to work with you in the future. Felice



Thanks for your help.. another great trip, see below :

"AMAZING! We had such a wonderful time. Thank you again for all your help with the arrangements. The Bel Ami Hotel was super swanky and the staff couldn't have been nicer. And our tour guide, Christine, for those first two days in Paris was great, too! 

Thanks again for all your help. Can't wait for the next trip!! "



Hello Karine,

It has been a pleasure working with We Travel France as well and especially your personal touch.I am a Signature Travel Member and will take every opportunity to recommend your services to my colleagues.  The X had a wonderful time in Paris and sent me several pictures.  They were most impressed with Erell.  Their exact words “beautiful young lady”.  Also, had a perfect day at Versailles with Thibaut.  They had nothing but praises for their time in Paris.  Thank you so much for all your help.  I depend so much on my Destination Specialists in various countries and you will always be my “go to” supplier in France. 



They were “over the moon” with everything – t– thank you as always for being so attentive – you are my only France agent  you are the best  I would not think of working with anyone else – you have the great team!  



Karine, here are client’s comments below…they loved their time in Paris!  Thanks so much…

We had a fabulous time! The girls were over the top happy with their experience. We loved meeting up with them and we all had a great time together - we all have lots of fun stories to tell!

Couple of notes:

1. The driver I had who picked me up from the airport and then back to the airport (he was the same) was fabulous - I highly recommend him.
2. The tour guide for Versailles was also equally great. He has a true passion for history. I would book him for a champagne tour or Normandy next time (he has a lot of experience in those areas). 

 3. The tour guide for the Louvre was also quite good for museums and I would book her for any in-town tour. I would not book her for a day long tour - not as talkative or personal. But, again I would book her for a museum - she was perfect for that.



 Hi Edwige! I wanted to tell you that the driver was ‘THE BEST’ that I have ever had in France!  He was professional AND friendly and spoke enough English to make everyone feel glad and safe that he was our driver.  Good job! Annette



Dear Edwige:

I wanted you to know my husband and I enjoyed the 3 tours I booked with you:  Paris Evening Illumination Tour, Versailles and Giverny and D’Orsay Museum tour.  Each of the guides was knowledgeable and friendly and enriched our time in Paris. Please extend our sincere thank you to each of them.  I know I can recommend you and my clients will have the same wonderful experiences. Pearl 



Hi Edwige, I saw Mrs X  and she RAVED about everything and couldn't have been more pleased with everything!!! She is referring me to all her friends!!

You are the BEST I have ever worked with in 35 years!!!!!!



Thank you, thank you! - See below Mr Comments - Cynthia

"Most wonderful dinner of our lives tonight at Le Meurice - Alan Ducasse!  The drive around Paris afterword was icing on the cake!"



Hi Edwige,I wanted to let you know that my clients, Steve and Cynthia loved the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal and got a wonderful upgrade on their last 2 nights!  Thank you for your great connection and I look forward to working with you again!!  Marci Goode



I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate your hard work and diligence and expertise.

Mrs X is VERY HAPPY client ! That was a complete program of transfers, walking, drivers, train, hotel etc…. WOW !!

Many thanks again for all you do,



I talked to my client today and they had a WONDERFUL vacation.  They were very impressed by your guides and hotels, actually all of it.  They said it was a trip of a lifetime.

Thank you so much for your help and your services.  I will be using you soon for new clients.



Bonjour Pauline

I want to thank you for the beautiful itinerary you sent for Mr and Mrs X. We appreciate all the extra information and it being so nicely done. It really is first class and the clients were very pleased. (me too!).



Please see the comments below on the services from We Travel France! 

I apologize, I should have emailed you when we returned from our trip to tell you how wonderful the guides were that you arranged for us.They "made" our Paris trip !  Our  guide in Paris had a masters degree in Art History and was amazing and indispensable in the Louvre . The Normandy trip was excellent. We were in a group of 8. Our lunch was the best meal of the entire trip. We ate at a beautiful Inn  (Ferme de la Ranconniere) and they served us a 6 course French meal . That was totally unexpected. I would love to go back and stay at the inn and explore Normandy more.



Hi Edwige and Karine,

See below from Mr X. Thank you for your professionalism, it has been a pleasure working with you. I hope to send you more in the future

 Just a brief email to let you know that we arrived home on sunday evening and our family had the best vacation of our lives.....truly a memorable experience.  Thank you for all your help and our driver/guide Sarah was very good/professional and knowledgeable.  Best of all - I was able to relax and enjoy the Normandy and Loire Valley !!!



HI Karine,

I heard a wonderful report from T. yesterday.! He said the Paris guide was outstanding – so knowledgeable, historian. Crayere was the best ever hotel!  Liked the tour of the champagne place that was private with 7th generation running the place.  

Liked Francois the guide on the drive to St Tropez who took them to a restaurant with the #1 French chef female. 

Thank you so much for the great job you and  We Travel did for us.  Our office is so happy working with you!



Dear Edwige and Karine, 

I just wanted to send a quick, but big “THANK YOU”!!  I really appreciate your partnership.  My life has been so much better since I have started using you exclusively from my France bookings.

 Many thanks!!



I had a great phone visit with the X and yes… they had a great time and raved about your guides, drivers and their tours.  She did say she kept falling asleep the first day but they could not check into the hotel anyway so we planned to just keep moving them around.

 They LOVED their window seat at the Eiffel tower so my thanks to you for your help in requesting that special celebration!! The rest of the trip went well too so they are HAPPY clients!  Yeah!  Always our goal!! Thanks Edwige for all your assistance. 



Edwige, I spoke to Mrs H today and they said their driver (D. I believe) was super and their tour/guide to the Bayeux Tapestries was fabulous!  THANK YOU AGAIN for making me look good! YOU ARE my go to person for FRANCE!!! J .. and trust many Sanders agents have called upon you! 

MERCI/ MERCI!!!   carol



Bonjour Edwige-  Thank you very much!  I just received an email from Mrs. Wk(copied below).  I thought you would like to hear her comments about the services provided by We Travel France.  M/M W are probably the agency’s most important clients and I’m so happy that they were well taken care of.  Also, Karine is wonderful!  She is so patient and helpful.  I look forward to using We Travel France for all of my FIT France bookings!  Merci!  Kim

How to adequately say thanks??? The trip was busy, fun and ran exceptionally smooth The gentlemen meeting us at the airports, train stations, etc., were a godsend. The unfortunate part is that I cannot remember their names to them pass on to you in case you may want to use them in the future. We highly recommend their services. Managing far too many bags and finding one's way around confusing airports and train stations is always challenging. Thank you, thank you, for arranging this service for us.

The Rugby game was exciting, although the US team lost! They were unaware they were playing the French National team who had played together since birth!!! The US team had just been gathered together from all over the US so it was no surprise we lost. Lots of fun though and a great experience for all.

Our drivers were all well informed and delightful to be around. We really liked Francois and were with him the longest. Also, he had lived in the Bay area before so it was fun discussing mutual places and his English was amazingly good.



Hi ladies, thought I would share the below comments with you .Thank you for making us look like rock stars once again !! 

Paris was fabulous!  Thanks for all of your help planning what turned out to be an amazing time. 

Chauffeur – he  was incredible and spoiled us so well that we want him to relocate to Connecticut so he can drive us to the grocery store, dinner, etc..  Please let his employer know he was affable, knowledgeable and a true professional.

Cachemire (Yacht) – like being on an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  What a way to start the trip – it was definitely a high point.  The staff was outstanding and the food was one of the 2 best meals we had all week (Jules Verne was the other).  It is hard to beat Paris by night cruising the Seine.  For clients looking to do something a bit more exclusive and luxe, this definitely fits the bill.

Jules Verne (Eiffel Tower) – Alain Ducasse earned his reputation for a reason and lunch here (with a breathtaking view) bolsters

Our guide for the Louvre, Orsay and Rodin, Joelle, was wonderful and terrifically knowledgeable.  Our guide for Versailles, Anne Marie, was also quite good, striking a balance between overview and historic details

Our Private CHEf  – an utterly delightful way to spend 4 hours.  The chef  guided us through his local market where we devised a menu and picked out our ingredients.  We returned to his atelier and helped prepare a delicious lunch.  He was engaging, gracious and a pretty good cook.  Ours was a simple lunch, but I know he can prepare more elaborate meals so if this is something any of your clients are interested in doing – The Chef gets our unhesitating endorsement.



They are so very happy this all was a great trip.  the children loved Erell and had a great experience.  she called to say how great the trip was and the children did not want to come home! Thank you for a terrific job and I plan on lauding your expertise. If I go to Las Vegas this fall I hope to meet you!



Mrs. B just called me and talked for 1 hour about her fabulous trip that you arranged for she and her husband.  Can't say enough about their Guide. She could talk forever about him.  They LOVED the Chateaux--heavenly.  So I want to thank you for your knowledge and expertise. I wish I could clone you in Italy. 



Thank you, thank you for helping my guests have the most wonderful time in Paris……they loved their guides and were so impressed with their knowledge (especially Anne Marie and her knowledge of the art).  Their guide for Marais even suggested a beautiful Jewish synagogue and they saw a wedding!!

I thank you so much and can’t wait until I have more guests for France!



We had a fantastic time. Everything was perfect. The tour guide and driver to Versailles were fabulous and really enhanced our experience. The tour guide in particular was hugely patient with our children and he dramatized the history of Versaillles in such a way that it became one of the many highlights of our trip.



Here is the feedback I received from Mr. C. —a big THANK YOU for all your hard work!!  It sounds like it was a perfect trip!

  “As we sit on the train headed to Paris on our last official day in France, I wanted to take a moment to send you a note complimenting you for arranging and coordinating a lovely holiday for my wife and I.  I was very impressed with the attention to detail for the complete itinerary-even down to arranging for B. and her helper to meet us at the train station to assist us with our luggage and help us get on the correct train, and more importantly, the correct car.  The perfection of detail reminded me of a fine watch, carefully "ticking" off the minutes.”



I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I came into the office to find this wonderful email, please take some time to read it!I cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance-  a true testimony to how AMAZING you are, the people you know, the dinners and theater ticketsyou pulled off... everything.   Please also thank Celine for me and foreveryone.  All my best and until the next trip 


FROSCH - Susan Reder 

 You Hit a Home Run : we are back from the wonderful trip you planned for us and we couldn't be happier. you and the team did a wonderful job. the hotels were top notch and our normandy guide was excellent



This family arrived back home this past weekend and I had a chance yesterday to see how their trip went.  Mr. M had high praises for the guide and services you arranged.  He said they were able to see everything they wanted to see very efficiently, the timing was perfect and the guide was very knowledgeable and nice to be with. I appreciate you taking such good care of my VIP clients!



yes… thank you all and I also wish I can send them and all our clients only to Paris to work with Carole and Edwige forever !!!!!!!!! I so much appreciated all your wonderful personal time.


FROSCH - Rachel Epstein 

 First day back in the office from my trip to Europe, and wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the wonderful day my family and I spent in Nice & St. Paul de Vence with Danielle. She is a wonderful guide. Enthusiastic, kind, generous of information and time, flexible, and just a lovely person.So again, thank you so much for providing her and Jean Claude the driver, for a fabulous day in France!š Merci, merci.



Bonjour Edwige and Karine! Great news on the Louvre tour; the children loved it! Best of all the parents loved the guide and watching Seth and Abby. Thank you for Kelly, a great guide.


TTI Canada - Ingrid Lobo

I just wanted to let you know that the family thoroughly enjoyed the tour and were impressed with the guide.  This is a quite a compliment coming from Mr. R….to put it bluntly, the man is quite brilliant and has an incredible brain for information.Again, thank you for your help and will definitely keep We Travel France in mind for future client trips to France.


FROSCH - Berta Aizen 

It's Cindy. Let me start by saying the trip was fantastic! It exceeded our expectations and the two times I called the office they were great. Our tour guides were wonderful and a fun surprise for me, after I reread the itinerary for Cannes, I realized that st. Paul de Vance was the very first place I visited 15 years ago on my first trip to Europe. Being in that area was like walking down memory lane. I had actually done the itinerary with John. Funny!